Supply-Side Economics in Second Life

Ed Kless and I had a great time presenting Keynesian vs. Supply-Side Economics in Second Life on Tuesday for the Maryland Association of CPAs.

Second Life is incredible technology. Short of a live presentation, I really believe it’s the next best alternative for conducting an educational event. There is something very tactile about it, both as a presenter and member of the audience.

Bill Sheridan, MACPA Editor, wrote-up a nice summary of the program on the CPA Success Blog, which all CPAs should follow religiously.

If you haven’t yet attended one of Maryland’s Second Life CPE events, you owe it to yourself to check it out. It’s an awesome experience.

Visit CPA Island to learn how to get started.

In the mean time, you can watch the video of our presentation here.

Thanks Bill and everyone at Maryland Association of CPAs—you guys are way ahead of the curve!

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