Mr. Spock v. Homer Simpson Live from Sage Summit 2014

In July, Ron Baker spoke at Sage Summit and delivered two presentations. This is the first entitled Mr. Spock v. Homer Simpson. He does a great job of comparing and contrasting two schools of economics: the classical and the newer behavioral. Have a look:

DETalk – Melinda Guillemette – True Motivation

Melinda Guillemette of Melinda Motivates talks about her beliefs about true motivation. She tells us that most people think motivation is about getting “them” to do what you want. This, she believes, is coercion.

DETalk – Kirk Bowman – Is Value Pricing Easy

In his DETalk, practicing fellow Kirk Bowman of MightyData challenges us to offer consulting to other professionals who want to transition to value pricing. He begins with a summary of his journey including what was the initial hook that grabbed his attention.

DETalk–John Chisholm–Ron Baker Does Oz

In this DETalk, VeraSage Senior Fellow John Chisholm of John Chisholm Consulting regales us with the true story of what really goes on when Ron Baker visits him in Australia.

DETalk: Jay Shepherd on Outstandingness

As many of you know, last week in Las Vegas, the Founders, Fellowsai, and Friends met after the AICPA PracTech Conference. On Friday, we recorded several new DETalks for posting on this site.

The first is by Jay Shepherd of preFix, author of Firing at Will. His talk is entitled Outstandingness and explains that using your pricing strategy as a differentiator is not going to work.


DETalk–Greg Kyte–Finding Your Passion

In her DETalk, associate at John Chisholm Consulting, Jess Hadley posits that the only problem with value pricing is that not enough people know about it. It’s not quantum physics, in fact it makes complete sense even to people who have never read a business book in their life. So, how is it that many professionals don’t even know that there is a valid alternative to the dated and dehumanizing practices associated with the time-based billing model?

DETalks – Kurt Siemers – Report from a Top 100 Firm

Kurt Siemers, CEO of Top 100 CPA firm, Kennedy and Coe, shares the story of how he and his fellow partners are making the transition to becoming a Firm of the Future. In his DETalk he shares six key elements that have helped them during this journey.

  1. Our Value Creation Process is an operations model that is guided by our Mission of “enhancing the well being of our people and the clients we serve”, as well as a way to demonstrate our positioning statement of “Genuine People. Creative Ideas. Valuable Results.”
  2. Our firm has always believed in creating value for clients. The Value Creation Process helps us walk the talk.
  3. To enhance the well being of both our people and clients over the long-term, we must create value for each of our clients and be paid on the basis of that value. Without doing both, our ability to continually bring value to our clients will be lost.
  4. It is critical to be genuine with our clients at all times so we both understand each others expectations-this is a foundational piece of a long- term caring relationship that is imbedded in our value creation process.
  5. Once we were able to accept that an hours worth of work does not define the value of what may have accomplished for a client, were able to be more creative in seeing more ways to create value for our clients.
  6. Discussing value with our clients helps both of us more effectively understand what is valuable to the client and that helps both of us contribute to the quality of the relationship.


DETalk – Tim Williams – Emotion Not Logic

Tim Williams is founder of Ignition Consulting Group. As a recognized thought leader in marketing, he is a frequent speaker and presenter for industry associations, agency networks, universities, and business conferences both here and abroad. He is author of the book, Take a Stand for Your Brand ranked by Amazon as one of the top ten books on brand building. Tim’s newest book, Positioning for Professionals was recently published by John Wiley & Sons.

In his DEtalk, Tim explains how emotion, not logic, is the key decision driver in almost every realm of human experience. In business as in life, what you say matters less than how you say it. Effective communication is dependent not just on substance, but style.

DETalk—W Michael Hsu-Struggling with Your Why

W. Michael Hsu of DeepSky talks about his personal struggle while searching for his (and his company’s) Why.

In this DETalk he explains the process that he went through to discover that his personal Why – to provide the younger generation the means and support to be great – was not just inline, but also inseparable, with his company’s Why – to provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge and confidence to be great.

He further suggested that the role of professional knowledge firms should really be seen as becoming the How to their customer’s Why.