The VeraSage List

The following firms have qualified by affirming that they are operating according to the three VeraSage pillars of a professional knowledge firm (aka a firm of the future). The pillars are: 1) Never bill by the hour; 2) Never use timesheets; 3) Offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee.


  1. Baker Holtz
  2. BNA CPAs & Advisors
  3. David G. Simmons, CPA
  4. Excelsis Accounting
  5. Golemb CPAs
  6. Justin Barnett CPA Inc. APC
  7. McKey Business Group
  8. Morris & D’Angelo
  9. mta optima
  10. OBK Chartered Accountants
  11. Pinnacle Professional Accounting


  1. axxios Consulting


  1. John Chisholm Consulting
  2. The Art of Value
  3. The Kelly Consultancy Group LLC
  4. Tipping Point Advisors


  1. Chinn & Associates, PLLC
  2. Exemplar Law
  3. Milligan PC LLO
  4. Moores


  1. aimINSIGHT Solutions, Inc.
  2. Aries Technology Group
  3. Asyma Systems
  4. Axiom Business Systems
  5. Azamba Consulting
  6. B&B Consulting Services, Inc.
  7. Intelligence Consulting
  8. Interaction Versa Inc.
  9. JCC Consulting Group, LLC
  10. MightyData
  11. NP Solutions
  12. Planet Earth Projects, Inc.
  13. Plus Computer Solutions
  14. RBP Methods
  15. Resolv
  16. Schulz Consulting
  17. Simply Made Simple
  18. Smart e-Solutions
  19. Smartbridge Partners
  20. TGO Consulting
  21. WAC – Florida Office




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