Episode #7 Preview – Everyday Ethics: Doing well by doing good

All businesses have a vested interest in virtue. Business is dependent on the moral and cultural institutions of a free society. The economic and ethical point of a business entity is to serve others. Business is a morally serious enterprise, in which it is possible to act either immorally or morally. It requires moral conduct to thrive in the long run. Yet business ethics means a great deal more than obeying the civil law and the various accountancy acts and regulations. It means imagining and creating a new sort of world based upon the principles of individual creativity, community, realism, and the other virtues that make up the spirit of enterprise.

Ethical behavior of businesspeople is expected each and every day. Failure to follow ethical behavior jeopardizes your personal and professional future. What ethical obligations do you have to your customers, employer, team members, and outside stakeholders? Trolleyology, would you kill the fat man?

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