6,205 Hours a Year

At a recent industry event, during one of the session, one of the facilitators used an interesting approach to getting infomation from the group. She asked questions and had particpants move from one side of the room to the other depending upon our answers to the questions she posed. In short, the room was transformed into its own sliding scale.

One of the questions asked was, “How many hours a year do you work?” After thinking about it I moved to the extreme postion for most hours — against the wall to one side.

“Do you work over 3000 hours a year?” I was asked.

“Yes,” was my reply. “I work over 6,000 hours a year.” The room was stunned.

I said, “Hey, I think for a living, so if I am not sleeping, I am working.” I did a little calculation to come up with the 6,205.

If only I could bill someone for those hours.


  1. It’s Friday late afternoon and it’s a bank (public) holiday on Monday so I think I’m allowed to be “smart”.

    Ed why are you even thinking of billing hours on this site?

  2. When I first this, I thought Stuart’s comment was right on. Ed has lost his mind!

    But I know Ed better than that. He’s being deviously provocative. After thinking about it, this is a slam against work-life balance.

    For true knowledge workers, there’s no such thing. Nor should there be. We are living, sentient beings, which means anything and everything we do has the potential to enhance our intellectual capital??either human, social or structural.

    In effect, Ed, you are “billing” for that investment, reflected in your personal stock of intellectual capital, and the value you add in your sphere of influence; which includes provoking your colleagues on this site!

  3. No fair, Ron. You took away my fun!

    Of course, you are right on. My purpose was to point out that as a knowledge worker, everything I see and think about is part of of my integrated being. In short, it adds to my knowledge base.

    * I went to a baseball game and noticed that most major league team now not only priced by proximity to the field, but also, but who the visiting team is.

    * I went to a Mexican restaurant and noticed that during happy hour beer was $2.00 per glass, while Margarita’s were $1.99.

    * I speak to my barber, Phil, and find out that salons and software implementation firms have the same challenges. Hmmm, a barber is a profession knowledge worker? IMHO, yes, he is.

    * Vonage is now offering an annual pay-one-price option for phone service. Is that just to raise cash for their legal problems or a really smart pricing strategy?

    My point is this stuff is all around you, you just have to be willing to open yourself up to make the connections.

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