What is the Value of a Prestigious Law Degree?

I just love Craigslist. I am convinced that one can find almost anything for sale. Today (thanks to the ABA Journal {see free iPhone App even if you aren’t an attorney, it is frequently excellent reading}) I learned of a relatively young (well when you are my age, anything south of 40 is considered young) lawyer that has decided the FMV of his (assuming it is a he, based upon the Craigslist posting choice of language) is equal to the current value of his outstanding student loans. Quite the discount. If I had the nearly $60,000 (I would of course request a cash discount) to spare, I might actually consider it, although my terms and conditions would be stringent (e.g. I would require vast amounts of tutoring to help him transfer the knowledge and social capital to me) – but still this is quite the steal.

The telling spot about the advertisement Craigslist Lawyers Sells Degree is his description of why he wants out. If you are at all curious as to why brilliant minds opt out of a distinguished profession, read the full post. What is it about the law that has so tainted this young person to leave after spending in excess of $100,000 at a top tier law school to leave his chosen profession?

And this creative lawyer is merely a representative of those that are annually leaving the profession. At least the lawyers are asking some of the questions as to why? Legal leaders know that young people have no desire to be slaves to the almighty hourly bill. Additionally, the exchange for unnecessary legal work for merely a paycheck isn’t a standard of an honorable profession. Finally, law firm leaders frequently lack leadership (meaning they aren’t nice people to work for).

From my perspective, it is simply another wooden stake into the Vampire’s Heart (that being the hourly bill and its timesheet). I will offer some silver bullets as well and have already invited him to read this blog.

Whoever he is, I want to thank him for cheering up my evening.


  1. Dan Morris says:

    An update: The CL post had referenced an EBay Auction (I bid $211 but was out bid – LOL) – and EBay informed me today that they had removed the auction suggesting it violated their rules to sell a law degree. No sense of humor I guess.

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